Request to see a GP or Nurse

Appointment requests with a GP can be booked by talking to one of our care navigators. They will first ask you some questions, and we would ask that you give as much information as possible, as this will help determine how best we can help you. These questions will include the possible choice of a specific GP and preferred times for us to call you back.

Your request will then go to our own in-house triage team who will review your request. Once they have reviewed your request they will determine how best to help and get back to you to organise next steps. These next steps may include either a face-to-face or a phone appointment with a GP or referral to another member of our team who is best placed to help with your health problem.

If it is an emergency and you need to speak to the doctor urgently, tell the care navigator straightaway. However, if you are waiting in a telephone queue, and you are concerned the emergency is life threatening, call 999.

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